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Classically Inspired for Today's Kitchen. Distributing and Importing delicious Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Mediterranean for customers that demand the very best.

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OLIVE OIL   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Extra Virgin "Sparta" - Spain 35lbs / 5gal
Extra Virgin "Organic" 35lbs / 5gal
Extra Virgin "Mani" - Greece 6x3L
Extra Virgin Mediterranean "Olga" 4x3L
Extra Virgin Mediterranean "Olga" 6x1L
Extra Virgin Mediterranean "Olga" 6x500ml
Extra Virgin "Sitia" - Crete 5L
Kalamata Pure Olive Oil 6x3L
Pomace Olive Oil "Abruzzo" 6x1gal
Extra Virgin "Solon" 15x750ml
Extra Virgin "Sitia" 12x500ml
Bio-Organic "Sitia" - Crete 12x500ml
Florina Olive Oil Blend 6x1gal
Grapeseed Oil 4x3L
Grapeseed Oil 6x1L
VINEGAR   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Bellino Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 2x5L
Bellino White Balsamic 2x5L
Cento Red Wine Vinegar 4x1gal
Loumidis Balsamic Vinegar 12x500ml
"Gaia" Santorini Vinegar 6x250ml
VILUX VINEGAR - FRANCE   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Rasberry Vinegar 5L
Champagne Vinegar 5L
Sherry Vinegar 5L
Cider Vinegar 5L
White Wine Vinegar 5L
OLIVES   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Kalamata Giant 12kg
Kalamata Jumbo 12kg
Kalamata Large 12kg
Kalamata Pitted 22lbs
Kalamata Olives Wedged 2x16lbs
Kalamata Pitted 4.5lbs
Kalamata Pitted "ORGANIC" 4x6.6lbs
Kalamata Olives Large 4.5lbs
Kalamata Olives Sliced 6x4.5lbs (27lbs)
Greek Black Mammoth 12kg
Small Green Nafplion Olives Greek 27lbs
Greek Green Pitted Colossal 22lbs
Greek Green Super Colossal 27lbs
Italian Castelvetrano Green 10lbs
Italian Cerignola Green 10lbs
Italian Black Cerignola (Tin) 5.5lbs
Gaeta Italian Olives 10lbs
Sicilian Style Green Olives 28lbs
Moroccan Oil Cured Olives 10lbs
Alfonso Olives 29lbs
Nicoise Olives (with pits) 11lbs
Nicoise Olives (pitted) 11lbs
Picholine Green Olives (with pits) 11lbs
Picholine Green Olives (pitted) 10lbs
Mani Greek Olive Mix (with pits) 4.5lbs
Mani Greek Olive Mix (pitted) 4lbs
Olga Country Olive Mix 28lbs
STUFFED PEPPERS   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Pappadew Peppers Stuffed w/Greek Feta 5.5lbs
Macedonian Peppers Stuffed w/Greek Feta 5.5lbs
Item Pack Size
Fire Roasted Red Pepper 6x5.7lbs (#12)
Roasted Red Peppers 6x#10 (4lb)
Fire Roasted Red Peppers 12x13oz
Artichoke Hearts Quartered 6x3kg
Pepperoncini (Whole) 5gal
Pepperoncini (Whole) 4x1gal
Garbonzo Beans 6x#10
Garbonzo Beans Dry 25lbs
Cannelini Beans 6x#10
Sundried Tomatoes (halves & julliene cut) 4x5lbs
Sundried Tomatoes Organic (diced) 4x5lbs
Roasted Semi-dried Tomatoes 6x2lbs
Garlic Peeled 20 or 5lb
CHEESE   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Odyssey Domestic Feta 27lbs
Odyssey Domestic Feta 2x8lbs
Odyssey Domestic Feta 2x4lbs
Imported Greek Feta (Tin) 29lbs
Imported Greek Feta (Plastic) 2x8.8lbs
Imported Greek Feta 2x2kg
Imported Greek Feta 12x200gr
Imported Greek Feta "Barrel Aged" 67lbs
Imported Bulgarian Feta 29lbs
Imported Bulgarian Feta 12x2lbs
Imported Greek Kasseri 7lb Loaf
Imported Greek Kasseri 18lb Wheel
Mizithra Hard Ricotta Balls Size Varies
Manouri Size Varies
Valbreso French Feta 5gal Pail/Tin
Olympus Kefalotyri 13lb Wheel
Olympus Graviera 13lb Wheel
Item Pack Size
Grecian Delight Gyros Cones 2x20lbs
Grecian Delight Gyros Cones 4x10lbs
Kronos Gyros Cones 2x20lbs
Kronos Gyros Cones 4x10lbs
Kronos Raw Gyros Loaf 8x5lbs
Cooked and Sliced Gyros - Grecian Delight 4x4lbs
Cooked and Sliced Gyros - Kronos 6x5lbs
Chicken Gyros Cooked Loaf 33lbs
Chicken Gyros Cooked and Sliced 10lbs
OPAA! Gyros Familty Folds Packs 12pkgs
Corfu Raw Gyros Loaf 6x5lbs
Corfu Gyros Cones 2x20lbs
Corfu Gyros Cones 4x10lbs
Corfu Halal Gyros Slices 4x5lbs, 24x1lb
Kronos Gyros Slices VP 24x1lb
Pistachio (Grecian Delight) 4x6lbs
Mousaka (Grecian Delight) 4x6lbs
Hummus (Plain) 4x1/2gal
Hummus Red Pepper 4x1/2gal
Hummus Mediterranean Olives 2x1/2gal
Grecian Fiesty Feta 2x1/2gal
Loucanico (Greek Sausage) 12ct
PITA BREAD & SAUCE   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
6" NY Style Pita Bread 12x10ct
7" NY Style Pita Bread 12x10ct
7" Whole Wheat Pita Bread 12x10ct
7" Chicago Style Pita Bread 12x10ct
7" L Pita Bread 12x10ct
Tandoori Nan 12x10ct
Tzatziki Sauce 4x1/2gal
SABRA HUMMUS & SPREADS   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Sabra Classic (Plain) 12x10oz
Sabra Spicy 12x10oz
Sabra Roasted Garlic 12x10oz
Sabra Roasted Red Pepper 12x10oz
Sabra Greek Olive 12x10oz
Sabra Jalapeno 12x10oz
Sabra Sun Dried Tomato 12x10oz
Sabra Spinach & Artichoke 12x10oz
Sabra Basil & Pesto 12x10oz
Sabra Pine Nuts 12x10oz
Sabra Classic "To Go" 12x4.1oz
GREEK YOGURT   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Fage Total 10% 6x1kg
Fage Total 10% 6x500g
Fage Total 10% 12x200g
Fage Total 0% (fat free) 6x500g
Fage Total 0% (fat free) 12x170g
Fage Total 2% 12x200g
Fage Total 2% 6x500g
Fage Total w/Honey 12x150g
Fage Total w/Strawberry 12x150g
Fage Total w/Peach 12x150g
Fage Total w/Blueberry 12x150g
Fage Total w/Mango Guanabana 12x150g
Greek Style Yogurt 32lbs / 4gal
Olympus Greek Yogurt 10% 6x6oz
Olympus Greek Yogurt 2% 6x6oz
Olympus Greek Yogurt 0% 6x6oz
Olympus Greek Yogurt 0% 6x2lb
Olympus Greek Yogurt 1% Blueberry 6x6oz
Olympus Greek Yogurt 1% Strawberry 6x6oz
Olympus Greek Yogurt 1% Peach 6x6oz
Olympus Greek Yogurt 1% Cherry 6x6oz
Olympus Greek Yogurt 0% Honey 6x6oz
Item Pack Size
Stuffed Vine Leaves 6x2kg
Stuffed Vine Leaves 24x10oz
Mediterranean Stuffed Vine Leaves 6x2kg
Baked Giant Beans in Tomato Sauce 6x2kg
Baked Giant Beans in Water 6x2kg
Baked Giant Beans 24x10oz
Eggplant Imam 24x10oz
Green Beans in Oil 24x10oz
Okras in Oil 24x10oz
Greek Peas in Oil 24x10oz
Beans Soup (Fasolada) 12x450g
Roasted Eggplant Pulp 6x9.2lbs
Orlando Grape Leaves 12x2lbs
Krinos Grape Leaves 12x1lb
PASTA - IMPORTED   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Misko Orzo (large) 20x500g
Misko Macaroni #2 18x500g
Misko Macaroni #5 20x500g
Misko Fithes 20x500g
Helios Orzo (large) 12x500g
Helios Hilopitas (Egg Noodles) 12x500g
PAPADOPOULOS COOKIES   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Cocoa Cream Sandwich Cookies 12x200g
Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cookies 12x200g
Strawberry Cream Sandwich Cookies 12x200g
Orange Cream Sandwich Cookies 12x200g
Lemon Cream Sandwich Cookies 12x200g
Caprice Praline 10x250g
Caprice Cappuccino 10x250g
Caprice Vanilla 10x250g
Petit Beurre Biscuits 16x225g
Petit Beurre Chocolate Covered Biscuits 12x200g
Miranda 12x250g
Cream Crackers 18x140g
Krispinia Sesame Breadsticks 20x130g
Goldies Wheat Rusks 24x255g
Krispies Sesame 15x200g
Digestive Cookies 12x250g
Digestive Cookies with Dark Chocolate 12x250g
ORINO PRODUCTS   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Orino Thyme Greek Honey 12x400g
Orino Thyme Greek Honey 6x800g
Orino Thyme w/ Mixed Nuts 12x380g
Orino Mountain Honey 12x400g, 12x650g
Orino Sesame Snacks 12x45g
Orino Sesame Snacks w/ Chocolate 12x45g
Almond Snack 12x45g
Orino Soft Nougat w/ Mixed Nuts 15x70g
KALAMATA Sun Dried Figs 24x14oz
KALAMATA Sun Dried Figs 23lbs
Item Pack Size
Athens Fillo Dough 24x1lb
Kataifi (Shredded) Fillo 12x1lb
Fillo Factory #4 12x1lb
Fillo Factory #7 24x1lb
Fillo Factory #10 (Country Style) 24x1lb
Fillo Factory Shells 12x15oz
Baklava (Grecian Delight) 108ct
Baklava Kronos 2x36ct
"Olga" Baklava 48ct
Mediterranean Nut Rolls 2x42ct
Kataifi 54ct
Halva Vanilla (Plain) 2x7lb bars
Halva Chocolate Marble 2x7lb bars
Halva w/ Pistachios 2x7lb bars
FISH PRODUCTS   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Anchovies 28oz
Anchovies 13oz
Taramosalata 12x8oz
Taramosalata 12x14oz
Tarama 1lb
GREEK SEA SALT   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
"Afrini" Sea Salt 12x7oz
"Afrini" Sea Salt 2x5kg
SPICES   (Click for Details)
Item Pack Size
Oregano 5lb
Garlic Granulated 5lb
Pepper Black Granulated 5lb
Paprika 5lb
Greek Seasoning (Cavender's) 12x3.7oz, 12x8oz, 5lb
Item Pack Size
Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) 6oz 36ct
Spanakopita (Spinach Pie) 1oz 80ct
Tyropita (Cheese Pie) 1oz 80ct
Spinach Pie Swirl 5x2.2lb
Spinach Pie Swirl 30x8oz
Cheese Pie Swirl 5x2.2lbs
Custard Pie Swirl 30x8oz
Spanakopita Fillo Factory 12x12oz
Tyropita Fillo Factory 12x12oz
Brie & Rasberry Wrapped in Fillo - Fillo Factory 12x8oz
Assorted Mini Quiche 12x7oz
Baklava Fillo Factory 8x22oz